When taking a test, the system pauses the timer for listening questions until the video has played through fully or you click on the video to stop playback, at which point the question is revealed. We keep track of how much time the test was paused in the browser.

If you refresh your browser, the pause time for the current question may be lost. If you were paused for a very long time on that question, it will seem as if the test timer has “jumped”, as the test timer will be recalcalated based on the difference between the test start time and the current time, not including the time the current question was paused.  

Under normal circumstances, there should be no need to refresh a video. Some videos will take longer to load than others, however, we are stopping the timer so that test takers are not penalized while they wait for the video to load. Please just be patient and the video will eventually load. If it does not, click on the “If the video is not loading, click here” link and the system will automatically check to see if there is a problem with the video.